Includes Up To a Nine-Page Design

Home | About Me | Products | Services | FAQ's

Testimonials | Choose from Shop with up to 10 products, Blog, Online Booking System | Contact

You've got a lot more to share with the world. Select up to 9 pages to suit your needs.  You may want to add some wix features to your site.



4-6 week Turnaround Time


Fully Editable By You

Website Design Only | Made Using Wix 

Includes a Five-Page Design

Home | About Me | Products | FAQ's | Contact


This is a great starter website with information and images to promote your product or service.

This package can include an Instagram Feed or Blog to your 'home page'.




4-6 week Turnaround Time


Fully Editable By You

Website Design Only | Made Using Wix

10 + Page Custom Design

Home | About Me | Products | Services | FAQ's

Testimonials | Gallery | On-line Booking System

Shop | Events | Blog |  Contact

This is the Grande of websites.  You need a Shop, Blog, a great Online Booking & Invoicing System, Video Feed & Sign Up & Customer Forms.

Quoted on a job by job basis


Turnaround Time-TBA

Fully Editable By You

Website Design Only | Made Using Wix 

Boring Bits You Really Need to Read!

A Few Points Too Important Not to Mention...  

+The above 'page titles' are suggestive only .  These can be changed to suit your needs.

+The service I offer is to provide you with a gorgeously designed website melded from your ideas.

+SEO is not included in my service.  I'm more of a designer geek than computer geek.  I happily like to leave those things to the experts.

+Wix does however have an easy to use tutorial which can help you get started with your SEO, should you so choose give it a go yourself.

+A design brief will be taken before I begin working my end.  That is why it is super important to do your website stalking and work out what vibe you want and how you want your customers and clients to feel in your space.

+It will be up to you to provide me with written content (AKA 'copy') for your website.  This should be in a format that allows me to cut and paste it into a document, so no PDF or image files.  Word, email or sms is fine.

+You will also need to provide me with your logo and any images you would like to use.  I can source free image library pics if you need.

+I will use my artistic license to put together what I feel meets your brief and vision.

+But alas, I do not get it right every time and I am more than happy to work with you to make the changes you need to get us back on track.

 +It should, however, be mentioned that the service I provide is priced accordingly for my experience and my time and if you think you might like a multitude of design concepts to help you to decide where your heart lies, then I can accommodate with an hourly rate of $40, or if you change your mind mid-way though then again an hourly re-design fee will apply.

Fancy Bits...

+Wix offers many fantastic 'website features' you may want to include in your Website Design.  

+They offer Instagram Feed, Blog, Online Booking & Payment System, Shop, Paypal, Gallery, Sign-Up Forms, Social Media Links, Custom Forms and many, many more.

+We can discuss your needs when we meet.

Website Hosting & Your Domain Name...

+You will need to register and purchase your own domain name.  Do not be 'convinced' to add website hosting to your domain.  WIX will be your host.

+If you are unclear about any of this, I am just a phone call away.  Best to check first than pay for a service you don't need or a website you can't use.

+Wix will be your 'service provider' (or host) for your website.  

+This is a yearly fee & is payable by you direct to wix.  This cost is determined by the level of website & type & number of features you include in your site.


Excited to get started?

I am just a click away.  Email me at or phone me on 0411777956


I love to share my knowledge with others and help small business owners like you, get stuff done.  I'm super excited to hear from you!